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Shock absorber ENIDINE


Enidine has the widest selection of industrial shock absorber and rate control products in the industry. With nearly 450 standard products to choose from and limitless custom possibilities, our products decelerate velocity up to 18 m/sec and absorb energy between one and 1 million Nm. Enidine constantly evaluate and refine the products to bring customers more features, greater performance and improved ease of use.
Enhancements to the small bore shock absorber series have provided softer/smoother deceleration, integrated positive stop capabilities and improved durability, reliability and performance. Wrench flats on these shock  bsorbers make them easier to install.
Customers have many choices when it comes to components:
• Products can incorporate nickel plating or stainless steel surfaces for corrosive environments, continuous wash
down or food preparation applications.
• Alternate fluids maintain consistent damping characteristics over high and low temperature conditions.
• Attachment accessories provide a wide range of options for mounting, including clevis mounting configurations and air/oil sequencing systems.
• Soft urethane piston caps reduce noise and extend product life in high-cycle applications.