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Magnetic switches and accessories


Magnetic sensors are magnetic switch which respond to the presence of a magnetic field.
The sensors fit externally the cylinder and detect the magnetic field generated by the magnetically polarised piston giving its exact position or passage.
This signal is utilised to open or close an electrical circuit, as required. The range of magnetic sensors we propose, assures the possibility to fit the different types of cylinders existing on the market and satisfy  the needs of different electrical circuits and the various requires of circuits and machinery constructors.
They are usually used with electric contact normally open (N.A.) On request we can supply normally close version but only for series DSM. Sensors are available either with attached flying leads or with plug connector (M8 or M12) that facilitates the maintenance disconnecting all the voltage.
Types with attached flying leads are normally supplied with 2,5 m. cable  length. The plug connector type is also available:  with 30 cm cable wire lenght and connector  at the end of cable, or with 2.5 m cable lenght  with connector inside  sensor body. Different types are well shown in detail in the catalogue.