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Hydraulic regulator ENERFLUID


Tie rod construction with in-line or in-parallel compensation tank.
The speed hydraulic regulator is basically a closed circuit without its own power source.
It consists of a cylinder filled with oil, a rod with its piston, a control valve and a compensation tank.
When the regulator rod couples with an external moving organ, the regulator piston moves to close the one-way valve in-side., which forces the oil through the transfer pipe towards the control valve where it encounters a restriction that can be externally adjusted and determines the speed.
The oil flows through the control valve into the other chamber, which is separated from the other one by the piston.
During return movement the one-way valve opens and the oil flows through freely to enable a rapid return movement.
The in-line and in-parallel tank compensates for rod  movements and minimum blow-by.
If necessary, these speed regulators can be fitted with control valves as follows : acceleration valves (SKIP), stop valves ( STOP ), acceleration + stop valve combinations (SKIP+ STOP).
Two series are produced : SERIES 35 ( bore 35 mm. ) and SERIES 40 ( bore 40 mm. )